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We offer the largest selection of high quality European Modern Cabinet Doors and Accessories with the range of finishes that is not offered by anyone else! We are based in Denver, Colorado however we ship to all 50 States, Canada and Caribbean Islands.

Kitchen Organization 101: a Great Combination

What is more satisfying than an organized kitchen? When everything is within arms reach and clearly available you’ll never question your ability to get your tasks done well. You can say goodbye to jamming doors, ugly cabinets, and overflow of unorganized food or dishes. We have a wide array of products that come together to create and maintain the ultimate kitchen organization.  Let’s get started!


Aluminum Frame Doors: These cabinet doors not only create a beautiful modern design, they also come in many styles to allow for upgrades including painted or translucent glass like pictured below! Another great bonus of these doors are their durability including a 10 year warranty on the aluminum. Did we mention that you can backlight them with LEDs?


Backsplash Wall Systems:  This is where the ultimate kitchen organization really hits hard! We can design these wall systems to hold all of your kitchen accessories as well as wine bottles, mugs, spices, and more. On top of that, you get the sleek design with the option of printed backlit LED panels as your backsplash!





Pantry Shelving: Another heavy hitter in our ultimate kitchen organization are our integrated shelving systems for your pantry. Utilize this shelving to create an easy access storage space that allows you the functionality of knowing what you have and what you don’t. Not only are these easily adaptable they’re durable and come with our aluminum guarantee.



Orga Line: The final knock out punch in our ultimate kitchen organization comes from our sister company in the USA: Kitchen-Zilla. The Orga-line of kitchen accessories and tools creates an even easier prep, cook, and clean-up within arms reach. From organizing your dishes, to keeping that pesky cling wrap under control: the Orga Line is unbeatable for ultimate kitchen organization.

With all of these powerful and functional tools, we can help you to create a kitchen that you’ll want to spend your time in. Want more information? Contact us today!

7200 E. Hampden Ave Denver, CO 80224
Phone: 303-745-2402


Available for Multi-Unit Developments and large quantity orders.


We currenly have nationwide opportunities for qualified companies.