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Cabinet Door Edging: Pay Attention to Detail

Of all the decisions to make when it comes to kitchen design, the cabinet door edging is a factor you might overlook. Whether you want the high end look of aluminum and stainless steel or to match the surface of the door itself: cabinet door edging has the capability to really tie together whatever room it’s being installed into. Let’s take a look:



Aluminum Edging: Made from Zobal’s top of the line anodized aluminum, this edging will make your cabinet door not only look more European, but more high end as well. Available on acrylic, laminate, and thermofused finishes.








PVC Edging: Unlike a run of the mill melamine edge, this PVC cabinet door edging offers more durability along with the continued style of the door finish. PVC is available in laminate and thermofuse.






Stainless Steel Edging: Much like the aluminum, the top of the line stainless steel cabinet door edging adds a more European, high end look. Made to match your beautiful stainless steel appliances, you can use this edging on acrylic, laminate, and thermofused finish.



On top of these three high end options, you also have the ability to wrap thermofoil, acrylic, and veneer around the edging as well as the painted edging with lacquer (or varnished)! Questions about the edging for your client’s new kitchen cabinets? Reach out today!

7200 E. Hampden Ave Denver, CO 80224
Phone: 303-745-2402


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