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We offer the largest selection of high quality European Modern Cabinet Doors and Accessories with the range of finishes that is not offered by anyone else! We are based in Denver, Colorado however we ship to all 50 States, Canada and Caribbean Islands.

Veneer Cabinets: Matte or High Gloss?

As you may already know from our overview blog, our veneer cabinets are an exotic and high quality product that we’ve brought over from Europe. Treated and manufactured to specification, these cabinets can pull together a high end kitchen with ease. Let’s take a deeper look at the finishes to make your choice easier:

IMG_0220 Matte: If you’re looking for something that won’t show fingerprints, marks, or scratches easily: this is definitely the finish for you. Matte would be perfect if you’d like to blend modern style into a more traditional kitchen. You also have the added benefit of more muted, consistent color due to a lack of light reflection!

High Gloss: The more modern of the two, the high gloss finish is very popular in high-modern kitchens. Not only is it much more reflective, it also offers depth enhancement to your space making it feel much larger than it is. If you want to go dark without losing light, this is a great option! With the slick application of the gloss, you’re also gaining an easy to clean experience.

Whether you choose matte or high gloss veneer, you’ll always get a durable product with the option of matching grain all the way across, much like this matte pantry:


So, here’s the question: matte or high gloss? They’re both great, it’s all up to your sensibility. Questions about designing your new veneer kitchen? Contact us today!

7200 E. Hampden Ave Denver, CO 80224
Phone: 303-745-2402


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