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We offer the largest selection of high quality European Modern Cabinet Doors and Accessories with the range of finishes that is not offered by anyone else! We are based in Denver, Colorado however we ship to all 50 States, Canada and Caribbean Islands.

Roll Up Doors


Simplicity and a unique design makes aluminum roll up doors perfect for modern kitchen design. The doors are made of pure aluminum without PVC which makes them strong and more durable. The rolls consist of 25mm horizontal segments in the surface of C0 (satin anodized aluminum). Optionally you can order perforated segments which allow for ventilation inside of the cabinet. The spring mechanism is fitted to the size of the rolling shutter and its tension can be adjusted. Roll up doors will be cut to your specific size; however, please see the diagram showing size limitations and required box configuration.

These are the highest quality aluminum roll up doors on the market; they are designed for easy assembly, cut to size and are offered within short delivery time.

Please remember, due to European origin of all our products minimum order is $5,000. We guarantee the best quality and price in the country!

  • Roll Up Doors
  • Roll Up Doors

Available Colors
Available Colors
  • Black


  • Brushed Aluminum

    Brushed Aluminum

  • Satin Aluminum

    Satin Aluminum

  • White


  • Black Perforated

    Black Perforated

  • Brushed Aluminum Perforated

    Brushed Aluminum Perforated

  • Perforated Satin Aluminum

    Perforated Satin Aluminum

  • White Perforated

    White Perforated

Assembly instructions
Assembly instructions
  • Roll up doorsStep 1: Insert BOXmilano half way into the cabinet.
  • Roll up doorsStep 2: Pull out the tambour door of about 100mm
  • Roll up doorsStep 3: Insert side guides into the cabinet
  • Roll up doorsStep 4: Clip on Top profile
  • Roll up doorsStep 5: Insert safety end caps for sides Guidem, insert BOXmilano into the cabinet, screw side guides on.

7200 E. Hampden Ave Denver, CO 80224
Phone: 303-745-2402


Available for Multi-Unit Developments and large quantity orders.


We currenly have nationwide opportunities for qualified companies.